Brandi Harrington

As a human resources leader with over 15 years of wide-ranging experience; Brandi’s strengths lie in project and change management, communication, facilitation and coaching. Seven years of enterprise technology implementation experience has honed her HR abilities to tie business strategy and customer / end-user needs to operational and team practices, and reinforced her belief that a project’s success hinges upon early and ongoing change management. 

Brandi has experience in all aspects of change management, including developing and delivering training and communication, as well as post-implementation guidance for approximately 4000 employees in Alberta and British Columbia. With a budget of $30M, this project ultimately impacted over 40,000 employees in 100 countries over its three-year implementation.

Incorporating both her project and change management knowledge and skills, she led and influenced a 24-person Employee Service Centre team through the change impacts as they transitioned from an internal HR support function to a technology-enabled employee service centre serving 6000 employees across the US and Canada.  During this period, as the business lead for the implementation of the HR module, she also implemented a new enterprise service management portal, replacing the HR component of the company’s intranet.