Strategic Alliances

True North Implementation

Metagnosis Consulting is proud to partner with True North Implementation to help our clients with larger projects and when additional technical experience is needed.

True North Implementation supports leaders to move toward their goals with strategy, system, program, and culture change, especially in the areas of physical and psychological safety. Services include: psychological health and safety audits, training and workshops; safety management software implementation; leadership and safety culture change coaching; and safety program design and implementation.

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Metagnosis Consulting is pleased to partner with Origami Connect in supporting clients who are introducing or upgrading their intranet solutions and user experiences.

Origami is an enterprise intranet solution provider with a global customer base. They provide user-focused and results-driven intranet-in-a-box solutions for organizations who need to provide their people with effective and engaging access to internal documents and data. Origami is an award-winning Microsoft Certified Partner with a track record of disrupting conventional intranet approaches through Analytics and Design Thinking.

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