What We Do People + Alignment

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At METAGNOSIS we focus on the “people” side of a change initiative.

Our strategies are based on our understanding of our client’s culture and the potential impact the changes will have on leadership, business processes, systems and technology, and organisation structures. We align our strategies with our clients’ values and business practices, to help them achieve their results and benefits realisation.

We are dedicated to upholding the ACMP Standard for Change Management Model to ensure good practice across our business. The majority of our Associates are PROSCI certified with several Associates either certified or studying for ACMP certification.

METAGNOSIS is able to work with business leaders at every level of an organization from training and coaching front line workers to engaging senior leaders in strategy sessions. We work closely with our clients to assemble the right team of Associates to meet their individual needs from the definition phase through to sustainment and adoption of the change.

Working with METAGNOSIS, organisations can:

  • Demystify complex issues

  • Tailor simple practical solutions

  • Adopt best-in-class approaches

  • Draw a clear path to tangible results

  • Unlock project value

  • Ensure broad return on investment
  • Build solutions that are sustainable

  • Set up timelines grounded in reality

  • Train teams with best-in-class tools