OUR ASSOCIATES Your real-world partners

The METAGNOSIS team brings the skills and expertise to support all aspects of transformation and a proven track record of success in small, medium and large, complex change initiatives.

Whether you’re seeking a single change professional or a multi-dimensional team to help you plan, deliver or rescue your transformation program, Metagnosis has the talent and the know-how to support your change needs.

Diana Theman

PhD, ACC ICF Coach, Prosci

Belinda Spear

CEO, BBA, Prosci

Melissa Breker

BIBR, ACC ICF Coach, Prosci

Ed Kwan

BA, Diploma HR & Business

Alissa Dilworth

CPA, CA, Prosci

Helen Johnson

BSc, PPM, Prosci

Eva Fong

BBA, Prosci

Colleen Keane

MBA, CPA, CMA, Prosci

Deborah Versteeg

MA, CCMP, Prosci

Tanis Angove

MAIOP, Prosci

Valerie Johnson

MBA, CCMP, Prosci

Anisha Dhala

MBA, Prosci

Kevin Noronha

MA, Org Management & Development

Harpreet Gill

BA, AIM, Prosci

Lisa Seppala


Isobel O’Connell

MPA, ESG, Prosci

Rylee McDonald

BA, CHRP, Prosci

Blaine Kyllo

Prosci, MSc Applied Sport Psychology