Belinda has spent over 25 years working in all areas of change management intervention in a number of locations around the world. She taps into her global experience to inspire and enable people, teams and organizations to think and act on transformational solutions to ultimately enhance the health, prosperity and well-being of organisations. She has worked in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, travelled to many more, and through such experiences has the ability to embrace change.

Belinda currently runs METAGNOSIS, a change management consulting business, advising her clients on implementing organisational and business operating model change whether the business drivers are technology, process, organisational or combination of all three. During the course of her career, Belinda has developed particular expertise in conducting detailed culture and change impact assessments to understand the implications of change management on organisations of all sizes.

Belinda brings to the table an on-the-ground experience by integrating communication management with technical disciplines, engaging and aligning stakeholders from various industries. Belinda has consistently worked with the board room, executive and project delivery teams, linking gaps and creating vision through strategic leadership and training. Furthermore, Belinda uses her knowledge and experience to provide expert advice and is frequently asked to coach and mentor junior change resources.

An important part of METAGNOSIS’s business expertise covers the impacts of change management projects, building balance between strategy and project needs and capacity, with special attention to involving a variety of stakeholders. By conducting a detailed culture and change impact assessment to understand the implications of the change, Belinda creates and executes a unique change approach using a variety of change and project management frameworks, templates, models, processes, and RACIs. She focuses on building realistic action plans targeting change management results and positive benefits. Solutions are structured to make sense within the company as well as fitting into a team context. METAGNOSIS builds results centered on a “mediation” approach when working with the full array of stakeholders, whether they are corporate, operational, communities, industry, labour and governments.

Belinda works closely with her team of Associates and clients from the Oil & Gas, Mining, Healthcare, Utilities, Entertainment, Retail, Banking sectors. She holds both New Zealand and Canadian citizenship, and obtained a Bachelor Business Studies from Massey University, NZ, a certificate in e-Business and in Software Engineering from the University of British Columbia and is Prosci Change Management certified. Belinda is currently completing her ACMP accreditation.