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METAGNOSIS was created, and is managed, by Belinda Spear, Founder & Principal, a seasoned change expert with over 20-years experience in all change interventions.

METAGNOSIS was built on the philosophy that effective organisational change management is a common need that exists in organisations but is not easily recognised and can be challenging to address. As a market leader, METAGNOSIS has successfully provided support to deliver effective and sustainable organisational change.

  • In Greek ‘gnosis’ means knowledge
  • Grown from a group of 2 to 16 Associates
  • Offices in British Columbia, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand
  • Network of highly qualified, carefully vetted professionals with over 70+ years of combined experience
  • Designation and memberships include: ACMP, PMP, CHRP, CMC, IAP2, LEAN, PROSCI, CPA, CMA
  • Proven track record of success in small, medium and large, complex change initiatives
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